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Isolation Gowns

DenLine Uniforms Disposable Isolation Gowns

Splash & Spray Resistant Disposables

  • Knee Length
  • Open Back with Ties at Neck and Back.
Fluid Resistant Disposable Isolation Gowns Fluid Resistant Disposable Isolation Gowns
Style Number DL3230 DL3260 DL3360 DL3370
Fabric Type Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene

Front: 3 Layer SMS
Back: Polypropylene

Weight 30 gms. 30 gms. 40 gms. 38 gms.
Protection Incidental Splash/Spray Incidental Splash/Spray Static Pressure
137.5 mm Suter Rating
Static Pressure
247.5 mm Suter Rating
Static Control None None None Static Treated
Cuffs Elastic Knit* Knit* Knit*
*All Knit Cuffs Are Latex Free
Color Ceil Blue Blue Ceil Blue Blue Ceil Blue Blue Ceil Blue Blue
Package Size (pcs) 50 50 10 10

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