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About Denline Uniforms, Inc.

  • Specialists in Fluid Resistant Personal Protective Apparel (PPE) for Healthcare Workers employed in applications with potential for splash or spray of Blood, Body Fluids, and Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM), and subject to OSHA Directive(s). 29 CFR 1910, as well as Canadian Provincial Healthcare Legislative Requirements and Guidelines. 

  • Manufacturer of Quasi-Clean Room Apparel.

Disposable Fluid Resistant Lab Coats and Jackets

DenLine Disposable Lab Coats

Sizes S to 5XL Breathable, Super Anti-static material. Choice of colors. Lab coat prices beginning at 1.61 each....savings to 35%

DenLine Disposable Lab Coats, Jackets, and Gowns

Cherokee Medical Scrubs and Uniforms

DenLine Cherokee Medical Scrubs

Wide Selection of Cherokee Jackets, Tops and Pants.

Polyester/Cotton and 100% Cotton.
Ladies and Men's Styles